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Music by Brandon James Gwinn
Lyrics by Sammy Buck

Pictured: Keaton Whitaker, Village Theatre Festival of New Musicals, Issaquah, WA, August, 2013.


Video: Ilana Gabrielle

Vocal: Briana Carlson-Goodman

Small Town Story is about two families in a small Texas town dealing with the controversy ove a high school production of Rent. Alex Patterson and her parents have moved to Speargrove from Park Slope. Her mother, Lois, has resented the move and has not been able to fit in. Alex, however, has adjusted by blending with a more conservative crowd than her mother would like. Alex is also grappling with her burgeoning attraction to a female classmate – a secret she keeps from everyone, including her parents.

The events of Act One have led to a protest at a school board meeting both for and against the show. In a scene prior to the meeting Lois is about to leave the house to go support the
pro-show faction. Alex wants her to stay home.

Alex begs: “This is Speargrove, Texas, not Park Slope” and sings: