everything you need
to know about musicals*
you can learn from star wars

What do Mrs. Lovett and Darth Vader have in common?

How is Rose’s Turn like the rebels’ attack on the Death Star?

Who’s your “Fun-tagonist”?

Wait – what IS a fun-tagonist?

Whether you write musicals, screenplays or novels, the how and why of story is at the heart of all writing. Join award-winning bookwriter/lyricist Sammy Buck to get your story started, and learn how classic screenplay structure from a variety of movies (especially a certain space saga) translates across stage, screen and page.

*and everything else, including:

  • The five essential sub-stories in every story
  • The BONES technique for structuring story and creating scenes
  • Exercises for character population and development
  • Identifying the “why” of your story

Choose your workshop package and get started, re-started and writing!

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