• Reluctant love song

    In musicals, some of the best love songs sounds like opposite day: “Don’t throw bouquets at me…”,  “If I loved you…”, “I’m not at all in love.”

    And of course, “I’m helpless.”

  • The sticky note

    Your new best friend while you write is a sticky note on your computer screen reminding you in as few words as possible why you’re writing the story.

  • Point forward

    At the end of your scene, figure out a new and unique way to let the audience know where we’re going next.

  • The Best Decision is a Bad One

    For your characters, that is. Always place your characters in a place they don’t want to be, especially as a result of a flawed choice. Get them in trouble!

    And then get them out…

  • Exposition through ammunution

    If a character says something another character already knows simply for the benefit of the audience, look at the words and make sure it is expressed with the intent of having an emotional effect on the characters.

  • If this is true, what else is true?

    Writers always gift themselves – when you’re stuck, look at what you’ve already written and ask yourself – if I have set up [X], then what else can happen based on that?