The Frog & The Witch onesheet

The Frog And The Witch

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Sing… Pyx, the frog is the best singer in the village of Wishwell, until the unthinkable happens: He croaks! Determined to get his voice back, Pyx follows a plume of thick black smoke to the outskirts of town where a powerful witch brews potions. Pyx might just be able to get his voice back but only if he can get the witch to clean up her act.

Book & Lyrics by Sammy Buck
Music by Daniel S. Acquisto
Directed by Elizabeth Lucas
Choreographed by Shea Sullivan
Music Direction by Jad Bernardo
Set Design by Adam Koch
Lighting Design by Christina Watanabe
Costume Design by Cherie Cunningham
Stage Manager Kristin Orlando

Jeff Barba Wishwell Villager
Monique Beasley Wishwell Villager
Angela Dirksen Sorsee
Caitlin Mesiano Lainey
George Salazar Pyx
Rebecca Stavis Wishwell Villager

Commissioned and produced by Vital Theatre
March – April, 2009