Andy Warhol Was Right

Fame. Some want it. Some get it. And some reject it. Andy Warhol predicted it: everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes. Andy welcomes you into his world of pop art, dance, music, film and fleeting celebrity, as three different stories come together at a party that travels from The Factory scene of the 60’s to today’s world of reality TV and YouTube.

This multimedia dance musical was commissioned by the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Book by Sammy Buck
Music by Dan Acquisto
Directed by Giovanna Sardelli
Choreographed by Daryl Gray, Darren Lee and Shea Sullivan
Visual Designer Chris Kateff
Costume Designer Emily DeAngelis
Lighting Designer Susan Nicholson
Stage Manager Kristin Orlando

Conceived by Melinda Atwood, Sammy Buck, Dan Acquisto, Daryl Gray, Giovanna Sardelli, and Shea Sullivan

Jeremy Davis Andy Warhol
Alex Sanchez Senator Wills
Merrill Grant Sherry
Dexter Jones Doug
Lauren Cluett Ensemble
Trevor Downey Ensemble
Tina Fuente Ensemble
Trisha Kelly Ensemble
Erin Moore Ensemble
Tommy Scrivens Ensemble

at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center • September – October, 2009 • New York Musical Theatre Festival

The cast of Andy Warhol was Right at NYMF (photo by Daniel S. Acquisto).
The cast of Andy Warhol was Right at NYMF (photo by Daniel S. Acquisto).