Matthew Takes Mannahatta onesheet

Matthew Takes Mannahatta

Created to commemorate the Quadricentennial of Henry Hudson’s first encounter with the Lenape Native Americans on what is now Manhattan, this magical adventure takes Matthew and his sister Piper on a journey back in time. From meeting dinosaurs to helping opposite sides come together during the famed Peach War, these squabbling siblings discover the Manhattan of the past held a very different Thanksgiving than today (It even included popcorn!)

Commissioned and produced by Vital Theatre Company.

book by Aurin Squire
music by Daniel S. Acquisto
lyrics by Sammy Buck
directed by Carlos Armesto

musical direction by Martin Landry
choreography by Tiffany Rachelle Stewart
set design by Adam Koch
lighting design by Josh Bradford
costume design by Sarita Fellows
puppet design by Emily DeCola
stage managed by Nicholas Rainey

Based on Matthew’s Secret Door by Christopher Paul Moore and Matthew Christopher Moore

Kai Chapman Matthew
Daniel Cibener Captain Henry Hudson
Larissa Laurel Grandma Moore, Lenape Priestess
Kila Packett Dad, Chief Orotamy
Erikamari Rumore Piper
Lareysa Smith Moon Wolf

at Vital Theatre, October – November, 2009