Music and Lyrics by Brandon James Gwinn

Pictured: Keaton Whittaker, Katie Griffith and Patrick Shelton in the Village Theatre Festival of New Musicals, August, 2013.


Video: Jacqueline Neeley, Nick Siccone, Ilana Gabrielle

Vocal: Alexa Green, Noah Galvin, Kristen DaCosta

Small Town Story is about two families in a small Texas town dealing with the controversy over a high school production of Rent.

High school senior SCOTT AMES has a crush on CAROLINE BARNES, the queen of the drama club. His Dad has encouraged him to audition for the school musical, but after Rent is announced as the show, Scott’s Dad changes his mind and forbids Scott. In this scene, Scott has brought his video camera to film the auditions, and runs into Caroline. The two of them are unaware that ALEX PATTERSON, the new girl at school, is nearby. As the vamp begins, Scott tries to ask out Caroline, but she mistakes his presence there for wanting to audition.